Climate Adaptation in Wetland Areas in Lao PDR (CAWA)

FAO in Lao PDR, with assistance from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) is working with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment (MONRE), and with district and provincial government partners and local communities, on “Climate Change Adaptation in Wetland Areas in Lao PDR (CAWA) Project.


The project helps local communities and local government agencies in two important wetland areas of Lao PDR adapt to the impacts of climate change and natural disasters, plus reduces the pressures on wetland sites upon which they depend, and contributes to sustainable natural resource management, food security and improved local livelihoods. The project combines the use of landscape-based, nature-based, ecosystem-based and community-based adaptation approaches, whereby the ability of the wetlands and surrounding floodplains to buffer local people’s food security and livelihoods against climate change and disaster impacts, and will be safeguarded through a combination of improved planning and governance conditions, direct investments in climate change adaptation (CCA), disaster risk management (DRM), sustainable natural resource management (NRM) and livelihood / food security strengthening measures. These contributions are delivered with a strong focus on creating lasting capacities among village communities, local government agencies and national stakeholders at all levels to sustain and replicate these benefits. These activities are supported and oriented through investments in knowledge generation regarding the vulnerability of local communities to disasters and climate change, the importance of wetlands for CCA, and options for sustainable and resilient NRM, and development of low climate risk, low environmental impact, low cost and low input – profitable livelihood options. Lessons learned in these two wetlands regarding community-based strategies for CCA and DRM, based on principles of landscape-, nature- and ecosystem-based approaches and sustainable use, will be replicable elsewhere in Lao PDR, the greater Mekong region and beyond. 

Project Wetland Sites


Greater Xe Champhone Wetland 

Champhone, Songkhone, Xonnabouly districts  

Savannakhet province

Beung Kiat Ngong Wetland 

Pathoumphone district 

Champassak province