Climate Change Adaptation in the Eastern Caribbean Fisheries Sector


CC4FISH has been supporting Dominica fisherfolks and aquaculturists to reinforce their resilience to climate change. This was particularly notable after Hurricane Maria in 2017 when CC4FISH provided equipment for fisherfolk, fish vendors and office equipment for the government in addition to providing technical expertise.

Resilience of fishers can be addressed through better coverage of vessels, gears and individual by insurance. The CC4FISH supported an Assessment model for third party insurance coverage for vessels in Dominica, St. Kitts and Nevis and Trinidad and Tobago.

The country was provided with 200 modern VHF devices to improve safety at sea. Associated training is yet to be delivered in Dominica. However, under the project already 44 fishers have been trained in Basic Fishermen Training to improve safety at sea.

Existing aquacultures facilities were visited in 2018. The Government operated shrimp hatchery was destroyed by Tropical Storm Erica and Hurricane Maria in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Local farmers lost their local source of seed which lead to a decrease in shrimp production and halted industry growth. CC4FISH supported the rehabilitation of the shrimp hatchery in 2020 with climate change resilient and Building Back Better measures such as concrete walls around the structure and utilization of hurricane roof ties for the rafters. The first shrimp harvest took place in August 2020.