Coastal Fisheries Initiative

CFI in Senegal

Senegal's long coastline makes fishing an important employer and economic engine for its 15 million population. Fishing contributes over three percent to national GDP and generates around 53 000 direct jobs and over half a million jobs indirectly, mainly in artisanal fishing and processing. Senegal is also a key fish exporter, exporting USD 353 million in fish and fishery products in 2015.

Fish and seafood are also part of the West African nation's diet, representing 43 percent of the country's animal protein intake, with the average person in Senegal eating around 24kg of fish a year.

However, overfishing, pollution and climate change are putting increasing pressure on its rich fisheries, especially coastal fisheries that account for 80 percent of the total capture, 60 percent of supply for exports and over 108 000 jobs and livelihoods.

Over five years, the Coastal Fisheries Initiative (CFI) team will work with stakeholders in Senegal to make coastal fisheries more sustainable while protecting the environment and delivering economic and social benefits for the population.

FAO and partners will carry out a number of activities, including:

  • Improving fisheries governance and management;
  • Restoring mangrove forests for better fisheries;
  • Capacity building and best practices in coastal fisheries.