Coastal Fisheries Initiative


Presentation of the Gender Strategy for the Fisheries Sector in Cabo Verde with the FAO Representative, the Minister of the Sea and the President of the Cape Verdean Institute for Gender Equality and Equity talking about the importance of empowering women in fisheries value chains.

Community leader Kuriani Wartanoi from the fishing village of Menarbu in Indonesia explains why she attended the #CFIgef global exchange visit in Peru and the importance of the traditional Sasi fisheries management practice for environmental sustainability. 

FAO Fishery Officer Nicolas Gutierrez explains the importance of global knowledge exchange to empower small-scale fishers and fish workers so that they can ensure sustainable small-scale fisheries and preserve the ecosystems they depend on for their livelihoods.

Juvino Vieira from the Cabo Verde Shipowners’ Association explains why the private sector wants to work with authorities to achieve sustainable fisheries, for example by implementing a fish auction system in the Praia Fishing Port.

Empowering women in fisheries value chains is key to ensuring thriving coastal communities and ecosystems. On International Women’s Day 2023, fishmonger and fish processor Gisèle Kra from Côte d’Ivoire launches a powerful plea for freedom and autonomy.

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