Coastal Fisheries Initiative


Women  processors learn to smoke fish with FTT ovens, which reduce their exposure to heat, burns and toxic smoke while also reducing the amount of wood - often from endangered mangroves - used as fuel.

Sustainability, the circular economy and conservation are concepts that have become a part of the vocabulary of artisanal fishers and entrepreneurs in Galapagos. 

Artisanal fisheries protect marine biodiversity, but the market is an uneven playing field: small-scale fishers and fish workers find solutions to safeguard their ecosystems and livelihoods.

In Ecuador and Peru, more and more coastal fishing communities understand the need to protect marine ecosystems by building sustainable business models.

The Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries (EAF) management looks at people and their environment in a holistic way in order to achieve socially, environmentally and economically sustainable fisheries.

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