Coastal Fisheries Initiative


In Peru, small-scale and artisanal fisheries are key to the development and food security of coastal communities. The Peru Coastal fisheries Initiative – Challenge Fund (CFI-CF) has provided technical assistance to ten fisheries entrepreneurships in the Arequipa, Ancash and Piura regions to improve the sustainability of the activities and bring...

In northern Peru, the Manglares de Tumbes National Sanctuary is home to the largest area of mangroves in the country. The black shell is one of the species that sustains the economy of fishing communities, but also one of the most vulnerable.

The CFI is restoring degraded mangroves so that they can retain the important role they play in balancing coastal ecosystems in Senegal. It is also supporting small-scale producers harvesting oysters to rethink how they utilise and conserve the country's rich hubs of biodiversity.

Coastal fisheries are vital to millions of people, providing healthy food, supporting livelihoods and generating revenues for local communities and national economies. Yet, they put growing pressure on the marine environment, endangering aquatic species and threatening precious ecosystems.

Ecosystem rehabilitation initiative fuels hopes for populations in the Siné Saloum Delta. The CFI, funded by the GEF – stands central to accelerating environmental, social, and economic sustainability in coastal fisheries

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