Iniciativa Pesquerías Costeras


CFI Challenge Fund beneficiary Clarissa Sastra explains how her seaweed manufacturing company contributes to sustainable fisheries by providing alternative livelihoods to artisanal fishers in Indonesia.

Marco Arenas from Peru's National Protected Areas Service (SERNANP) explains why co-management with local fishing communities is a win for mangrove conservation and for sustainable development at the same time.

Biotechnology company Incabiotec founder Virna Cedeño explains how her research facility in Tumbes, Peru, works to repopulate depleted species while getting local fisher communities involved in the effort to preserve the mangrove ecosystem on which their livelihoods depend.

Small-scale fishers often work in arduous conditions, facing many dangers, with no access to social security schemes. Investing in social protection can improve their  wellbeing and contribute to making artisanal fisheries a sustainable business for all.

Durante una visita de intercambio en las Islas del Saloum de Senegal, mujeres recolectoras y procesadoras de pescado aprenden nuevas técnicas para fabricar productos secos y semiconservados que pueden llegar a mercados más amplios y mejorar sus medios de vida.

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