Common Oceans - A partnership for sustainability and biodiversity in the ABNJ


New deep-sea fisheries project committed to reduce impacts on marine habitats and achieve sustainable fisheries
GEF-funded partnership continues to address challenges and strengthen cooperation on deep-sea fisheries and biodiversity conservation in shared marine waters
Rome – The Common Oceans Deep-sea fisheries project launches new phase to continue the quest for sustainable use and protection of deep-sea marine life in the ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction (ABNJ). Over the next five years, the goal is to further improve deep-sea fisheries management...
New tuna fisheries project poised to ensure all major tuna stocks are fished sustainably by 2027
Launch of ambitious new phase in GEF-funded work on sustainable tuna fisheries and biodiversity conservation in shared marine waters
Rome – A new phase of the Common Oceans Tuna project launched today is aiming to make sure that all major tuna stocks are fished at sustainable levels by 2027. This ambitious goal is part of its efforts towards more sustainable tuna fishing and biodiversity conservation...
The Ocean Foundation and FAO launch groundbreaking knowledge hub for fisheries management is clearinghouse of information on development and implementation of harvest strategies
2 November 2022, Washington/Rome – The Ocean Foundation (TOF) and UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have launched a new website in support of sustainable fisheries management around the world. provides a clearinghouse of the latest information on the development and implementation of harvest...
Ambitious, new phase of Common Oceans Program to keep the ocean healthy
GEF-funded partnership continues work on improved cooperation in the management of shared marine waters
Rome – A new phase in the life of the Common Oceans Program is going to bolster international efforts in support of sustainable management of marine resources and biodiversity conservation in the ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction (ANBJ). "The message from the recent UN Ocean Conference was...
Common Oceans Program to ramp up sustainable management of the high seas
New phase of GEF-funded partnership in support of sustainable fisheries and protection of marine biodiversity in the areas beyond national jurisdiction
Nairobi/Rome/Washington - Oceans are essential to life on earth. They help regulate our climate and produce oxygen for us to breathe. They also provide food, jobs, energy and transport for millions of people. Yet, our oceans are in danger from overfishing, pollution, climate change and...
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