Contract Farming Resource Centre

Contract farming for inclusive market access

Organization Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Year 2013

The issue of inclusiveness of smallholders in agrifood systems is not only a matter of efficiency of the systems but is also one of the key questions for the income and welfare of rural populations in developing countries. It is specifically for these reasons that consideration of effective institutional mechanisms to enhance the participation of smallholders in modern markets is at the forefront of FAO’s agenda.Against this backdrop, FAO’s book on contract farming for inclusive market access is a welcome addition to the body of knowledge on farmer to market linkages and on the roles of contracts in this regard. The book presents a range of cases covering different commodities and country contexts, competitively commissioned from researchers and development professionals worldwide, all of which illustrate the multifaceted nature of contracting as an agrifood chain coordination mechanism to promote inclusiveness and efficiency in supply chains.