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Tunis Regional Gathering

11/12/2022 - 16/12/2022

The Land and Water Division is organizing a regional gathering in Tunis for thirty selected participants from Libya, Mali and Niger.


The event focuses on the following key thematic areas: Water Productivity, Water Use Efficiency, Renewable Energy for irrigation, Water Harvesting, Integrated Drought Management, Land and Water Policy.

The event aims at giving participants the opportunity to strengthen the knowledge acquired during the previous project phases and to share – finally in person – their experiences, present countries’ cases and discuss different land and water management approaches suitable for application in similar agronomic and environmental contexts. The gathering provides a precious opportunity for trainees coming from different countries and backgrounds to establish professional networks for a fruitful exchange of knowledge and professional collaboration. 

A day is dedicated to Integrated Drought Management thematic area. FAO is strongly committed to fighting drought and is advocating for a proactive drought risk management based on three key pillars: (i) Early warning and monitoring systems; (ii) Vulnerability and impact assessment; and (iii) Drought risk mitigation measures. The module discusses main related concepts and presents international frameworks and initiatives as well strategies to move away from a reactive approach towards a proactive approach in drought management.