EAF-Nansen Programme


Outcome 1: Fishery research institutions provide relevant and timely scientific advice for management

Under this Outcome, the Programme is to continue providing data, information and knowledge in support of sustainable fisheries in an ecosystem context using the R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen. The programme will pay special attention to provide information on shared fishery resources/stocks of importance to management.

Surveys are being carried out to collect baseline data and information on key features of marine ecosystems including oceanography, plankton, bottom habitats and benthos, fish stocks and biodiversity. One example is the development of general ecosystems monitoring programmes but also in the context of monitoring impacts of specific pressures such as e.g.  for oil and gas exploration activities in selected partner countries.

The programme will contribute to a broader uptake of science in the management process, thus ensuring that management advice is based on sound science, effectively using scientific information in the design and implementation of policies and management measures. Specialised reports will be prepared for use in strategic planning by fisheries and environmental agencies. This information can be used for tactical (usually annual) and strategic (long term) decision-making.

The Programme seeks collaboration and synergies with relevant national, sub-regional and international initiatives on research and management of shared stocks and the vessel could serve as a platform to promote and support such collaboration. The Programme will also continue to support existing regional processes for scientific advice.

Although the focus will be on the national EEZs, some work is envisaged also to take place in Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction (ABNJs) in close collaboration with relevant Regional Fisheries management Organizations (RFMOs) or Regional Fisheries Bodies (RFBs).

A science plan has been developed to ensure good scientific use of the wealth of data generated by the R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen and other related data of importance to fisheries management. 

Science plan

Research activities under the EAF-Nansen program are guided by the science plan. The science plan is intended to ensure good scientific use of the wealth of data generated by the R/V Dr Fridtjof Nansen