EAF-Nansen Programme


The long-term objective (or Impact) of the EAF-Nansen Programme is that "Sustainable fisheries improve food and nutrition security for people in partner countries". Sustainable fisheries can only be achieved if the three challenges listed below are addressed:

  1. Inadequate knowledge of the impacts of stressors such as fisheries, climate variability and change, pollution on marine ecosystems and their social and economic consequences;
  2. Inadequate systems and practices for sustainable management of marine capture fisheries, further challenged by climate and pollution impacts; and
  3. Insufficient capacity for implementing EAF, including for the promotion of gender equality and effective participation of women.

Hence, the Programme focuses on three complimentary Outcomes:

Outcome 1: Fishery research institutions provide relevant and timely scientific advice for management 
Outcome 2: Fisheries management institutions manage fisheries according to the EAF principles 
Outcome 3: Fisheries research and management institutions have appropriate human and organizational capacity to manage fisheries sustainably