Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Disease (ECTAD) - Viet Nam

Capacity Development

AVET (Applied Veterinary Epidemiology Training) completion ceremony in 2014 / ©FAO/Ki Jung Min

Capacity development is a high priority area of technical support provided by FAO ECTAD Viet Nam in conjunction with project implementation, enabling national sustainability and facilitating government and stakeholder ownership.

As capacity development is a cross cutting issue relevant to all technical areas within the programme, FAO ECTAD Viet Nam conducts trainings targeting various stakeholders from government counterparts at the central level to poultry farmers in the field. To today, ECTAD has successfully implemented capacity development activities in basic and advanced epidemiology, risk assessment and modeling, rabies prevention and control, and behavior change communications, to name a few.

The AVET (Applied Veterinary Epidemiology Training) course, an epidemiology capacity building package locally developed, was implemented in association with the veterinary faculty at the Hanoi University of Agriculture and the Department of Animal Health. The AVET training resulted in significant improvement in the technical quality of disease outbreak investigation and reporting, as well as information management. Currently, AVET alumni event gathers almost 200 graduates, and advanced training modules sustained continued learning opportunities for in-service professionals.

Bringing ECTAD’s global One Health expertise and extensive experience in transboundary diseases to Viet Nam has enabled facilitating other major capacity development programming such as the WILD Course (Wildlife Investigation in Livestock Disease and Public Health), An Introduction to One Health, and joint training of public and animal health professionals to address rabies, influenza, and other zoonoses. Further intersectoral and cross- cutting capacity development programming remains a key focus for ensuring sustainable development of health and animal production experts in Viet Nam.