Emergency Centre for Transboundary Animal Disease (ECTAD) - Viet Nam

FAO ECTAD Viet Nam Newsletter

No. 9 October 2016 - April 2017 (English / Vietnamese)

1. Welcome Note
2. Swift actions to safeguarding livelihoods from potential intrusion of H7N9 virus
3. Developing the draft National Action Plan for Reduction of AMU and AMR in Food and Aquaculture
4. New Avian Influenza and Swine Influenza Surveillance Design implemented in Viet Nam
5. FAO’s animal health intervention in a nutshell
6. From #BetterPractice to #BiggerSmile

No. 8 March - September 2016 (English / Vietnamese)

1. Welcome Note
2. Strengthening cross-border collaboration with Cambodia’s animal health counterparts
3. FAO supports Government of Viet Nam to expand Influenza Surveillance System
4. Talking about the #OneHealth implementation in Viet Nam with FAO experts
5. Master trainers and model farms to bring cleaner poultry farms
6. Building wildlife investigation capacity for livestock diseases and public health

No. 7 October 2015 - February 2016 (English / Vietnamese)

1. Viet Nam - China aim for safer trade of animals and animal products
2. Reaching the unreached, ethnic minorities in Viet Nam
3. ECTAD Viet Nam unveils its new hatchery biosecurity training manual
4. FAO receives Certificate of Merit from the Minister for substantial contributions to livestock development in Viet Nam

No. 6: March - September 2015 (English / Vietnamese)

1. EPT2 project document signed to keep livestock and people in Viet Nam safer from diseases
2. Child Education for Rabies Prevention
3. 10 hatchery training experts collaborate to inspire clean hatchery practices in Viet Nam
4. Assessment on implementing the inter-ministerial circular of coordinated prevention and control of zoonotic diseases

No. 5: September 2014- February 2015 (English / Vietnamese)

1. Viet Nam and China unite to fight against Transboundary Animal Diseases
2. FAO shares 8 years of achievement for Bird flu control in Viet Nam and a future commitment
3. Catch! Vaccinate! - Implementing rabies control and prevention project in Viet Nam
4. Wildlife Farming Census published to bring Viet Nam towards better managed wildlife farming systems

No. 4: March- August 2014 (English/ Vietnamese)

1. Learning rabies prevention and control from Bali
2. FAO launches hatchery biosecurity film
3. Preparing for H7N9 in Viet Nam
4. What makes a global pandemic

No. 3: October 2013 - February 2014

1. FAO ECTAD Viet Nam contributes to the preparedness plan for H7N9 control and prevention
2. The search for viruses that could create the next global pandemic
3. A value chain analysis of spent hens in Northern Viet Nam


No. 2: July - September 2013

1. Preparing for H7N9 in Viet Nam
2. Joining hands across the shared border
3. When the dog bites

No. 1: June 2013

1. Staying a step ahead
2. One Health shows Viet Nam the way
3. What FAO is up to in Viet Nam

No. 1: June 2013

1. Staying a step ahead
2. One Health shows Viet Nam the way
3. What FAO is up to in Viet Nam