Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change
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What we offer

The Ex-Ante Carbon-balance Tool (EX-ACT) team is responsible for the continuous development of the EX-ACT Suite of Tools, but also offers services to a wide range of partners and users.

Capacity building: The EX-ACT team conducts on-demand training and capacity building workshops to interested partners and users including decision-makers and national and international experts. The length and scope of the workshops depend on the specific needs of participants, who can choose from a training menu available upon request. The menu is shaped around three types of workshops: two-days introduction to greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, three-days standard training on one of the tools for a professional use and five-days tailored training that can either involve a deep-dive on one of the tools or allow for learning conducting simple assessments with all the three tools of the suite. Ad hoc short seminars are also provided upon request.

Project analysis: The EX-ACT team works on analyzing the effects of agricultural interventions on carbon balance and biodiversity. The analysis can involve individual projects or policies, national-level programmes or strategies as well as investments portfolios. The analysis can be conducted ex ante, in the design phase of the intervention, but also during the implementation to monitor the progress and ex post to evaluate the final achievements.

Optimization of project benefits: The EX-ACT suite is often applied during project and policy design to ensure optimal outcomes in terms of climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation. Systematic assessments of any intervention is necessary, regardless their specific objectives, to ensure progress on the climate change and biodiversity policy agenda.  The EX-ACT team supports these processes by helping to identify the activities with better climate change mitigation and biodiversity outcomes in all types of agricultural interventions including those that are not climate or biodiversity focused.

Quality control: The EX-ACT team also supports other users who conduct their own analysis to ensure the correct application of the tools that is critical for obtaining robust results.

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