Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change

The EX-ACT team goes to Nicaragua

News - 26.11.2023

In a recent initiative aimed at strengthening Nicaragua's capacity to evaluate the climate mitigation potential of agricultural activities, the EX-ACT team organized an extensive workshop in Managua, Nicaragua. This workshop provided in-depth training on the utilization of the EX-ACT and EX-ACT VC tools to about 20 participants, including project coordinators and government representatives, over a five-day period.

The workshop was structured to cover crucial modules of both tools and emphasized practical application by integrating real project data into case studies. This approach aimed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of GHG project accounting, specifically within agricultural production and value chains.

Participants were encouraged to continue practicing and refining their skills using the tools within the context of Nicaraguan programs and projects. Emphasizing the incorporation of country-specific data aimed to enhance the accuracy of their evaluations.

Looking ahead, FAO is planning a follow-up session to delve deeper into pending modules and continue improving the participants' proficiency in climate analysis.

This workshop underscores the commitment of the EX-ACT team to supporting countries in making well-informed decisions related to climate mitigation. By imparting technical knowledge on GHG project accounting to local authorities, the EX-ACT team aims to empower communities globally, promoting sustainable and informed climate action.