Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change

EX-ACT COP event -"Climate Knowledge for all: effective capacity building for non-technical audiences"

Events - 05.12.2023

On 04/12, the EX-ACT team delivered a COP event on effective capacity building for non-technical audiences in the Capacity Building Hub of the UNFCCC. The event showcased experiences and lessons learnt on knowledge sharing in the context of climate change mitigation in agriculture.

The session was designed to highlight the crucial role of effective capacity building for non-technical audiences in advancing climate target achievements. It took the form of an open panel discussion with both in-person and online participants, fostering engagement and feedback from the audience. 

Key takeaways from the session:

  1. Non-technical audiences are key actors in ensuring that the climate crisis is faced effectively and equitably in the coming years.Smallholders, women and youth are to be taken as catalyzers of significant climate action to ensure a scale up of achievements.
  2. The different experiences of speakers show that there is still a lack of funding and engagement with non-technical audiences
  3. What works is contextualization and especially the long-term commitment to build and maintain capacity in non-technical audiences.

The event allowed showcased the commitment of the EX-ACT team in enhancing expertise on climate change mitigation across the board, going beyond the suite of tools to encompass a wider approach for knowledge sharing and capacity building.