Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change

Brazil case studies

Two case studies have been developped as a result of the application of EX-ACT to two FAO/World bank projects in Brazil:

* The Santa Catarina rural competitiveness project
* The Rio de Janeiro sustainable rural development project

The first project represents an interesting example of the application of EX-ACT at watershed level. It aims at increasing the competitiveness of rural family agriculture producer organizations (eg. expansion of training and extension services, diversification and enhancement of production systems, support to the implementation of small-scale agro-industry, land rehabilitation and forest conservation, creation of ecological corridors and expansion of agro-forestry systems.

The second project aims at increasing small-scale farming productivity and competitiveness essentially through the adoption of integrated and sustainable farming systems approaches (eg. protection of springs and streams, support to the establishment of Legal reserves, expansion of agro-forestry systems, improved annual crop and grassland management, improved cattle feeding practices, support to small agro-industry and sustainable use of agro-chemicals)

These case studies illustrate the capacities of EX-ACT in terms of assessing environmental services linked to agricultural production and farming systems development.