Economic and Policy Analysis of Climate Change

EX-ACT case studies

Case studies are developed to provide examples of EX-ACT applications in real contexts and test the reliability of the suite of tools.

Below you will find case studies developed for several versions of the tool.


  • The Santa Catarina rural competitiveness project
  • The Rio de Janeiro sustainable rural development project

Costa Rica: Comparing the carbon footprint of alternative banana value-chain arrangements

Ethiopia: The Agricultural Growth Project

Gabon: Sustainable management of critical wetland ecosystems

Haiti: Cocoa value chain analysis

India: Rice value chain analysis in Tamil Nadu

Indonesia: Forest Investment Programme


  • Irrigation and watershed management programme
  • Project to Support Development in the Menabe and Melaky Regions

Morocco: Plan Maroc Vert

Rwanda: Land husbandry, Water harvesting and Hillside irrigation project

United Republic of Tanzania: Accelerated Food Security Project