FAO-EU FLEGT Programme


FLEGT & REDD+ Working Together

08 September 2016
  The FAO FLEGT and UN REDD Programme join forces to strengthen forest governance and limit the effects of climate change. On the occasion of COFO, held in July 2016 in Rome, the two programs presented case studies from Honduras, Vietnam [...]

New FLEGT Publication: The state of the timber sector in Cameroon (2015)

02 September 2016
This publication will contribute to a better understanding of the Cameroonian forest regulations, the titles awarded for forest operations and the timber supply sources and will also unquestionably contribute to due diligence applied to Cameroonian timber and timber-derived products being imported into the EU market, in keeping [...]

FAO FLEGT supports the Cameroon Regional Forest Governance Forum

30 June 2016
The FAO FLEGT programme supported the organization of the Cameroon Regional Forest Governance Forum. This event, held in Yaoundé from 16th to 18th March 2016, gathered more than 200 participants from government, civil society, private sector, forest-dependent communities, indigenous peoples, international organizations, the [...]

Cameroon. The new AROE Manual released: an important step towards FLEGT licensing

20 June 2016
This Manual was produced by the Centre de Recherche et d’Action pour le Développement Durable in the context of a project funded by the EU FAO FLEGT Programme in Cameroon, entitled « Renforcement des capacités du Ministère de l’Environnement, de [...]

Letter from the Programme Manager on the newly appointed Private Sector Specialist

14 June 2016
English: Letter from the Programme Manager on the newly appointed Private Sector Specialist Français: Lettre du Directeur de Programme sur le spécialiste du secteur privé nouvellement nommé Español: Carta del Director del Programa sobre el especialista del sector privado recientemente nombrado

New video on Indigenous forest monitoring in Peru released

06 June 2016
This video is about the development of mechanisms for Veeduria Forestal or Indigenous Forest Monitoring (IFM) by indigenous people in San Martin, Peru, supported by the FAO FLEGT Programme. 

Round up of coverage FAO FLEGT Programme launch now available

25 May 2016
Round up of coverage FAO FLEGT Programme launch. 

En Côte d’Ivoire, la WCF et la SODEFOR signent une convention pour l’Observation Indépendante Mandatée de l’aménagement forestier dans la forêt classée du Cavally.

23 May 2016
Des résultats « positifs et significatifs » La cérémonie s’est déroulée le 22 avril 2016 à Abidjan, en présence du Ministre des Eaux et Forêts M. Louis-André Dacoury-Tabley. Les deux principaux partenaires de cette convention, l’ONG Wild Chimpanzee Foundation (WCF) et [...]

New FLEGT Newsletter Released

19 May 2016
New FLEGT Newsletter Released

European Union and FAO to step up efforts to combat illegal timber trade

13 May 2016
The European Union (EU) and FAO have agreed to step up joint efforts to support tropical timber producing countries in curbing illegal logging, improving forest governance and promoting the trade of legally sourced timber. Doing so is expected to not [...]