Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific



13 February 2024, Rome – The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the Lake Tanganyika Authority (LTA) met in Rome to discuss collaboration on sustainable exploitation and utilization of Lake Tanganyika’s fisheries resources. Talks focused on fish stock assessment methods and support through the FISH4ACP and PROFISHBLUE programmes. 

"FAO stands ready to assist LTA in promoting sustainable management of Lake Tanganyika’s fisheries," said Manuel Barange, Assistant Director-General...


1 February 2024, Majuro - Maintenance and repair of refrigerated containers are key to transforming the Marshall Islands into a hub for tuna containerization in the Pacific. A first round of training by the global value fish chain development program FISH4ACP showed the way. 

The five-day training was held in the Marshallese capital Majuro from 2-8 December 2023. Twelve technicians from major tuna processing companies learned how to maintain refrigerated containers...


5 December 2023, Dar Es Salaam – Women empowerment is key to improve female participation in Lake Tanganyika’s fisheries, says Professor Anna Sikira, ahead of a meeting of African women’s fisheries groups in Dar Es Salaam. 

In this interview, Prof. Sikira talks about her work, which contributed to a gender study by the global fish value chain development program, FISH4ACP. She is now helping to bridge the gender gap in Lake...


28 November 2023, Santo Domingo – Work in progress to strengthen the mahi-mahi sector in the Dominican Republic was discussed at a meeting of key stakeholders in Dominican fisheries, where a report on the sector by the global fish value chain development program FISH4ACP was presented.

“Modernizing our mahi-mahi fishery is good for the economy, vital for the livelihoods of fisher folk and essential to preserve this important fish resource for...


16 November 2023, Majuro – Two studies by the global fish value chain development initiative FISH4ACP show that investing in cold storage and tuna loading can transform the Marshall Islands into a hub for tuna containerisation, boosting economic growth and employment, while keeping the environmental impact in check. 

“Tuna accounts for nearly all fisheries production and exports from the Marshall Islands – now it’s time to bring more value of tuna...


Lusaka, Zambia, 15 November 2023– Africa’s aquaculture sector has great potential to help feed the rising population of a continent that is affected more than any other by problems such as climate change and malnutrition.

According to SOFIA 2022, Nigeria produced nearly 12 percent of all cultured aquatic animals in Africa in 2020, and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa enjoyed double digit growth...


6 November 2023, Sao Tome – Progress at making coastal pelagic fisheries in Sao Tome and Principe more profitable and environmentally sustainable was showcased today, as a report outlining an overhaul of this sector that is key for food and jobs on the African island nation was presented to media.    

“Coastal pelagics provide healthy and affordable food to our people. They are also an important source of income,” said Graciano...


20 October 2023, Rome - Oyster farming can help preserve mangroves, said Khadim Tine at FAO’s Science and Innovation Forum debate on addressing climate challenges. An interview with this oyster farmer from Senegal, who is actively involved in efforts by the global fish value chain development program FISH4ACP to make Senegal’s oyster more productive and sustainable.

What was your message to the Science and Innovation Forum?


2 October 2023, Yaoundé – Efforts to keep shrimp catches in Cameroon at current levels while strengthening the shrimp fishery were in the spotlight today at the handover of a report by the global fish value chain development program FISH4ACP that is helping the country to make its shrimp sector stronger and to lessen its impact on the environment.   

“Shrimp is our main seafood export product. It brings economic revenues...


20 September 2023, Ijebu-Ode - FISH4ACP, a partnership between the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the European Union (EU), Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS), is helping Nigeria to make its catfish sector more resilient and efficient in providing affordable food to Africa’s most populous nation.  

“Fish farming is my...

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