Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific



FISH4ACP aims to enhance the productivity and sustainability of the small pelagics value chain in Zambia to contribute to poverty reduction, improve food safety and security and to safeguard aquatic life in Lake Tanganyika.



FISH4ACP supports Nigeria’s efforts to boost the catfish sector because of its potential to create jobs and business opportunities, in particular for women and youth. 


FISH4ACP aims to enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the mangrove oyster sector in the Gambia to improve food security and incomes for rural communities, increase exports, create jobs and stimulate investment.


FISH4ACP aims to boost the mahi-mahi fishery, one of the principal catches of artisanal fishers in the Dominican Republic.


FISH4ACP aims to work towards a productive, expanding and sustainable tilapia aquaculture sector in Zimbabwe, contributing to poverty reduction, improving food security and stimulating economic growth.


FISH4ACP is working towards a sustainable, resilient, well-managed and inclusive shrimp fishery in Guyana to strengthen its position as a leading exporter of Atlantic seabob shrimp while ensuring long-term stability of stocks and bringing more benefits to local fisher folk, especially women.


Oysters are a vital source of healthy food for many people in Senegal. They also generate significant revenues for women, particularly in the south of the country. FISH4ACP works with them to increase their incomes and improve working conditions, while reducing the pressure of oyster harvesting on Senegal’s mangroves.


FISH4ACP aims to support the development of the tuna sector in the Marshall Islands to increase employment opportunities and trade while reducing social inequalities and environmental impacts. 


Shrimp is Cameroon’s main seafood export product and a vital source of animal protein for its people. FISH4ACP aims to increase the competitiveness and environmental sustainability of Cameroon’s shrimp sector. 


In Tanzania, FISH4ACP aims to strengthen and safeguard the sardine, sprat and perch value chains in Lake Tanganyika by investing in inclusive growth to bolster food security for future generations, reduce poverty and contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

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