Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific



From the Dominican Republic to Guyana and from Sao Tome and Principe to the Marshall Islands, this video explores opportunities and challenges of fisheries and aquaculture in Small Island Developing States (SIDS).


Animated video about FISH4ACP’s efforts to make fisheries and aquaculture value chains more sustainable. FISH4ACP is an initiative of the Organisation of African, Caribbean and Pacific States (OACPS) implemented by FAO with funding from the European Union (EU) and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).


FISH4ACP sets out to advance coastal pelagic fisheries on the African island nation of Sao Tome and Principe by developing the sector sustainably, enabling communities to make their livelihoods better with improved production and access to organised commercial markets.


FISH4ACP aims to work towards a productive, expanding and sustainable tilapia aquaculture industry in Zimbabwe, contributing to poverty reduction, as well as improving food security and stimulating economic growth across the landlocked nation.


“With the little means we have, we sell and make a little profit to cover our cost. It’s not enough but we make do,” says Anastasie Obama, who has been running her own business smoking shrimp in Cameroon’s capital of Yaoundé for decades.

FISH4ACP sets out to improve the productivity and competitiveness of Cameroon’s shrimp sector in a sustainable manner to boost local incomes and meet domestic demand, while promoting access...


“Today, we need new practices and the means to use them,” says Laciné Diarassouba, a small-scale tilapia farmer in Côte d’Ivoire. “This is not about finance. The first thing is practice. To teach someone how to do it.” Tilapia is the main fish species farmed in Côte d'Ivoire. FISH4ACP aims to help increase productivity to boost the domestic supply of safe and affordable animal protein, while providing jobs and income...


“A lot of graduates out there don't come back home,” says Jojo Kramer of Pacific International Inc, working in the tuna industry on the Marshall Islands. “I think I can make a difference here with my family business.” Tuna accounts for nearly all fisheries production and exports from the Marshall Islands. FISH4ACP aims to help this island state in the Pacific Ocean to bring more added value onshore from the...


“We realized that the oysters are disappearing and that the mangrove is dying,” says Aramatoulaye Diatta, President of the Cooperative of Actors of the Casamance Oyster Sector. Oysters are a vital source of healthy food in Senegal. FISH4ACP works with female oyster farmers to increase incomes and improve working conditions while reducing the pressure of oyster harvesting on Senegal’s mangroves.


COVID-19 had a big impact on artisanal shrimp fishing in Guyana, says fisherman Sooknanan Takchand, who started fishing at the age of nine to support his family. FISH4ACP aims to contribute to a more sustainable seabob shrimp sector in Guyana, as part of its efforts to strengthen fisheries and aquaculture in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific.


Life is not bad thanks to the fishing business, says Zena Masoud, a small businesswoman on the Tanzianian shores of Lake Tanganyaka. Quality product is rare, according to Bahati Onesmo Migezo, whose business operates on the lake as well, especially if you want to export abroad. FISH4ACP aims to strengthen and safeguard the sardine, sprat and perch value chains in Lake Tanganyika, as part of its efforts to strengthen fisheries...

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