Unlocking the potential
of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
in Africa, the Caribbean and the Pacific


Guyana is the world’s largest producer of Atlantic seabob shrimp, a commercially important shrimp captured from the Atlantic coast of the US all the way down to Brazil. 

A few industrial processors in Guyana export frozen peeled shrimp to markets in North America and Europe, while artisanal fishers supply the local market with the remaining 1 percent of catches.  

FISH4ACP is working towards a sustainable, resilient, well-managed and inclusive shrimp fishery in Guyana to strengthen its position as a leading exporter of seabob shrimp while ensuring long-term stability of stocks and bringing more benefits to local fisher folk, especially women. 

To improve the sector’s productivity and reduce its ecological footprint, a broad coalition of national and regional partners has joined hands with FISH4ACP to tackle major challenges, such as a declining stock, while maximizing the benefits for local fisher folk, in particular for women.  

FISH4ACP is building capacities of artisanal fisher folk in areas such as governance, marketing and data management and helps improve infrastructure and increase product value. It also supports industrial actors in reducing bycatch and contributes to improving government capacities in responsible stock management.