Food for the cities programme

Monitoring Framework, Indicators Framework: an overview

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Assessing and planning Lusaka city region food system

Guido Santini, FAO, April 2018

Tools and methods for city region food system assesment and planning

CRFS Quito, May 2017

Sustainable and resilient city region food systems in the context of the SDGs and rural-urban linkages

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Application of the City Region Food System (CRFS) Approach to Urban Planning in Sri Lanka

Pay Drechsel and Sudarshana Fernando, IWMI, May 2017

City Region Food Systems Toronto project

Sally Miller, Wilfrid Laurier University, May 2017

City Region Food Systems Toolkit

Alison Blay-Palmer, Laurier Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, May 2017 

Building comprehensive indicator frameworks to monitor sustainable food systems

Guido Santini, FAO, July 2016

Better understanding and planning for city region food systems

Marielle Dubbeling (RUAF) and Guido Santini (FAO), July 2016

City Region Food Systems and Food Waste Management Linking Urban and Rural Areas for Sustainable and Resilient Development

Marielle Dubbeling (RUAF) and Katrin Eisenbeiss (GIZ), July 2016

Towards a sustainable city region food systems

Guido Santini, FAO, June 2015