Improving food safety in Bangladesh

What are Veterinary Drugs and Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)?


Antibiotics are important drugs used in the prevention and treatment of bacterial infections in both humans and animals. As a result of the common use or overuse of antibiotics, micro-organisms become resistant to one or more antibiotics and they do not respond to therapy.

Humans are then exposed to antimicrobial resistant bacteria (AMR) through direct contact with animals or in a lesser recognized route, the food chain. Humans may be colonised/infected with AMR bacteria which are later difficult to combat. Maximum residue limits (MRLs) of certain drugs in foods have been set aiming to reduce AMR and other health adverse effects.

To prevent and avoid AMR, a prudent and a regulatory-based use of antimicrobial agents for meat production is required. A regular surveillance of AMR in the animal population, across the food chain and in human population is of major importance to point the dimensions of the problem.