Food Security Capacity Building

Regional workshop on "Livestock, livelihoods and human nutrition"

From 05/11/2014 To 07/11/2014
Location: Dakar, Senegal

FAO's Regional Resilience, Emergency and Rehabilitation Office for West Africa/Sahel (REOWA) organised, in close collaboration with the London Royal Veterinary Collage (RVC), the International Livestock Research Centre (ILRI) and the humanitarian institutions working in the livestock and human nutrition fields, a regional training workshop for the Sahel, entitled "Livestock, livelihoods and human nutrition". This regional training workshop was planned within the framework of the project funded by ECHO.

Six countries were specifically targeted for this workshop (Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania, Niger and Senegal), which took place between November 5 and 7, 2014. The workshop intended to strengthen the capacities of the humanitarian partners, and address the challenges faced in integrating human nutrition into livestock programmes in emergencies and resilience. Furthermore, the workshop aimed to contribute to maximise the human nutritional impact of such interventions, to reduce human malnutrition and enhance resilience in the Sahel and West Africa.

More specifically, this workshop adressed the following questions:

1. How can the livestock sector contribute to improving human nutrition and the prevention of human malnutrition, namely for the poorest/most vulnerable households?
2. Which are the specific nutritional characteristics of animal-source foods and how can they be preserved throughout the value chain?
3. To which extent can livestock interventions fulfil the human nutrition deficiencies most commonly found in the Sahel?
4. How can the impact of livestock interventions on human malnutrition prevention be measured and enhanced for the different livelihoods?
5. What good practices have been identified in the sub-region and what are the lessons learnt?
6. What examples of livestock interventions have shown a positive effect or impact (direct or indirect) on human nutrition and/or the causes of human malnutrition?

You can download here:

- the concept note
- the agenda

- the list of participants

- the background document on nutrition

- the workshop report

Below are also all the documents and material presented during the 3 days of the workshop.

Day 1

Session 1: Pastoral livestock and livelihoods - FAO

              Nutrition concepts - RVC/ILRI 

              Nutritional situation - UNICEF

Session 2: Nutritional analysis of undernutrition - ACF

              Household Economic Security: an introduction - IFRC

              Food security indicators - WFP

Day 2

Traditional techniques for food products conservation - FAO

LEGS presentation - VSF

Parallel session 1: PASAV project - CLM Senegal

                        Traditional conservation of animal products - CSRS 

                        CHEPTEL project - Secours Islamique 

Parallel session 2: Livestock's contribution to household alimentation - Association Gune de Kolda

                        CHANGE project - HKI

                        Effects of livestock reconstituion on household food seccurity and nutrition - VSF

Parallel session 3: Pastoralism and food security - CESAO

                        Improving dairy value chain - IFPRI/GRET

                        Livestock component presentation - OXFAM

Day 3

Session 4: Monitoring and Evaluation - FAO

AVSF presentation: M&E system

                          Indicators questionnaire