Food Security Capacity Building

Mapping existing methods and tools

The project aims to provide a complete list of all resources developed by various organizations on integrated food security and nutrition programming, the resources being classified according to the different project cycle phases.

The objectives of the mapping is first to inform the design of training modules, and second to help raise awareness on existing relevant (and good quality) materials and guidelines that are available for humanitarian field workers.

The first version of the mapping is now available and will be updated on a monthly basis. A list of links to websites and communities of practice on Nutrition, Food Security and Agriculture is also proposed below. These resources can support practitioners working in emergencies and resilience building to better integrate the different sectors.

Mapping of Food Security and Nutrition tools, guidelines and reports

Click on the below image to download the matrix containing a commented list of tools, guidelines and reports on Food Security and Nutrition. 

Links to websites and communities of practice for Food Security and Nutrition

1. On Nutrition, Food Security and Agriculture, and their linkages

1. On Nutrition, Food Security and Agriculture, and their linkages

Agriculture-Nutrition Community of Practice
Agriculture-Nutrition online discussion forum and monthly conference calls. Hosted by Knowledge Gateway

Secure Nutrition 
Aims to bridge knowledge gaps between agriculture, food security, and nutrition. This platform offers a space to exchange experiences and to disseminate and gather information. 
Hosted by World Bank. 
Global Forum on Food Security and Nutrition 
A worldwide community of experts and practitioners on Food Security and Nutrition issues that organizes online discussions to exchange knowledge and to inform the global dialogue and decision-making processes. 
Hosted by FAO.

Global community on Food Security and Nutrition Information System 
A global Community of Practice linking national, regional and global institutions as well as individual food security professionals with the aim of addressing the food security information needs

Nutrition and Agriculture Linkages in Africa Network (NALAN) 
Online community of practitioners seeking to share experiences in linking agriculture and nutrition. 
Hosted by USAID/TOPS FSN Network.

Food for the cities 
Multidisciplinary - Community of practice dedicated to food and agriculture in urban settings.
Hosted by FAO.

2. Food Security in emergencies

2. Food Security in emergencies

Global Food Security cluster 
A website on cooperation and partnerships for food security in emergency. The website provides information about gFSC activities as well as ongoing emergencies.

3. Nutrition in emergencies

3. Nutrition in emergencies

Global Nutrition cluster 
A website on cooperation and partnerships for nutrition issues. The website provides information about gNC activities and current events.

Emergency nutrition network
Aims to improve effectiveness of emergency food and nutrition interventions through identification and dissemination of lessons learnt in the course of operational practice and through research and evaluation.

En-net forum 
A free and open resource to help field practitioners have access to prompt technical advice for operational challenges for which answers are not readily accessible. 

Community-based Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) 
Support scale-up of quality services for the management of acute malnutrition through the collation of existing technical guidance, evidence and learning from the wider nutrition and health community.

UNSCN Food & Nutrition Resource Portal 
The UNSCN "One-Stop-Shop" Food & Nutrition Resource Portal provides access to nutrition resources published by the UN SCN as well as those published by the UNSCN members from the three constituencies.

4. Food Security and Nutrition assessment in emergencies

4. Food Security and Nutrition assessment in emergencies

Sphere standard for Food security and Nutrition assessment 
The Sphere’s webpage for FS and Nutrition assessment with assessment checklists.

Humanitarian response Coordinated Assessments
A website to provide guidance on coordinated assessments to enhance the quality of humanitarian response.