Food Security Capacity Building
Photo: ©FAO/Sia Kambou


Building resilience is becoming a key objective of food security programming in crisis situations, yet currently there is little consensus on how actually to measure this concept. Lack of an accepted metric for measuring extent of and changes in resilience is an obstacle to policy and programming aimed at improving it. Resilience programming needs to focus on strengthening capacities of systems, at all levels, and this needs to be supported by proper analysis in order to identify priority actions.

The objective of this component is to build capacities in resilience analysis and measurement and communicate this effectively to decision-makers.

Activities include: 

  • Set up a Resilience Analysis Unit (RAU) in Nairobi in collaboration with Intergovernmental Authority for Development (IGAD) 
  • Conduct baseline surveys in risk prone areas subject to repeated crises that provide evidence for designing the most effective and efficient intervention in building resilience;
  • Develop analyses tools, including guidance, lessons learnt and/or case studies to be shared with country offices, partners and local government to support decision making;
  • Train selected staff of relevant institutions in order to make them able to undertake resilience analysis;
  • Involve universities so that they play an active role in the activities of the RAU.