Food Security Capacity Building

Reviewing and enhancing the existing seed security conceptual framework

Project staff, FAO experts as well as CRS technical staff are working together to review and update the conceptual framework underpinning the concept of seed security. One major step towards this has been the discussions and agreements reached during the Expert Consultation Workshop on Seed Security Assessment organized in Addis Ababa in December 2013.

Since then the Seed Security Conceptual Framework (SSCF) has undergone further revision and is now finalised and available online. The revised version of the SSCF underpinned the recently conducted Seed Security Assessment conducted in Northern Bar el Ghazal State in South Sudan.

The discussion paper entitled “Household Seed Security Concepts and Indicators” presents an expanded and revised Seed Security Conceptual Framework together with a set of suggested indicators to measure changes in seed security parameters. In the revised SSCF, there are five pillars of household seed security:

  • seed availability;
  • seed access;
  • varietal preference and suitability;
  • seed quality;
  • resilience of the seed system.

The paper lays out the conceptual groundwork for the development of enhanced  Seed Security Assessment (SSA) training materials, data collection tools and analysis. It is one of a family of SSA related products currently being finalised by the FAO SSA development team.