Food Security Capacity Building
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Two new country experiences shared on the project website

Two new good practices sheets from Chad presenting experiences in cash transfers and community resilience to acute malnutrition have been added to the 36 sheets already available on the website. On the basis of these country experiences, we are also preparing a document that compiles good practices and lessons learnt in integrating nutrition and food security programming, with a special focus on accountability and gender. This factsheet will soon be ready. We’ll keep you posted!

Component: Nutrition
Regional workshop reports for Sahel/West Africa and Horn of Africa

The reports from both the Sahel and Horn of Africa regional training workshops are now available in French and English respectively. They summarize the different sessions’ presentations, activities and key messages. They also share the countries’ work plan and present some of the activities and discussions’ outcomes.

Download the Horn of Africa Report and the Sahel/West Africa Report.

Component: Nutrition
Contribution to IFPRI's conference book

On the near six-month anniversary of IFPRI’s 2020 conference on “Building Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security”, the book Resilience for Food and Nutrition Security is now available. This very complete book discusses some major issues such as "How can people’s food and nutrition security be assured in the face of different shocks?" or "What kind of interventions are needed to move households from vulnerable to resilient?” in 21 chapters. Chapter 13 on “Enhancing the links between resilience and nutrition” was written by members of the project team and we invite you to consult it following this link. If you’d like to read the full book, you can download it here.

Component: Nutrition
New brochure for the nutrition component

Do you want to learn more on the Capacity Building project on Integrating Nutrition and Food Security programming: what has been done and what the results have been so far? Consult our new brochure that provides detailed information illustrated with short stories, figures and quotes.

Component: Nutrition
New Vegetable Seeds briefs from the series

Vegetable-growing can provide nutrition and income for those recovering from crisis - but gains are not automatic. What should be considered in designing vegetable seed-oriented relief programs? What seed species, characteristics, and sources are most appropriate? A set of two new practice briefs address these questions, give examples from the field, and highlight key resources for practitioners.

These writings join the set of tools, advice, research, resources found at, a site deployed to provide practical, hands-on guidance to help professionals design seed-related assistance. The vegetable seed briefs build on an existing series of ten Seed Aid for Seed Security practice briefs, and are found here:

Brief 11: 'When and how to respond with vegetable seed programming

Brief 12: Vegetable seed supply and selection in humanitarian response

Component: Seeds
FAO Discussion paper - Strengthening the links between resilience and nutrition in food and agriculture

The concept of ‘resilience’ and its practical application in food security and nutrition policy formulation and implementation has recently become influential in humanitarian and development communities. This interest is born from the recognition that the frequency of natural disasters is growing, man-made political crises persist, and investments in development and humanitarian aid have failed to effectively prevent humanitarian crises. This has led to increasing focus on how emergency programmes can be designed to support households and governments in a more effective and sustainable way, and how disaster risk reduction, preparedness and prevention measures can be better included in development policies and programmes. Simultaneously, nutrition has received greater attention as illustrated by the growing number of countries and partners joining the Scaling Up Nutrition movement. 

Click on the following link to download the Document Brochure on Strengthening the links between Nutrition and resilience in food and agriculture.

Component: Nutrition
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