Forest and Water Programme

Capacity Development

The Forest and Water Programme has developed the Advancing the Forest and Water Nexus - A Capacity Development Facilitation Guide, a module-based facilitation guide that aims to improve the management of forests and trees for the provision of water-related ecosystem services. The facilitation guide provides appropriate background information, resource materials and a proposed facilitation plan to support the delivery of participatory learning workshops, or capacity development programmes.


The additional material for each of the 6 modules is available in this section.

Type: Othe publication
Este informe es un resumen de las conclusiones alcanzadas tras una revisión sistemática sobre los impactos de la forestación en el agua y los suelos de los Andes
Plataforma MapBiomas Amazonia 2.0
January 2019
Type: Othe publication
MapBiomas Amazonía es una herramienta de mapeo que permite monitorear los cambios del uso del suelo a nivel de toda la Amazonía y hacer seguimiento de las presiones sobre sus bosques y ecosistemas naturales.
The Nile Basin waters and the West African rainforest: Rethinking the boundaries
September 2018
Type: Othe publication
Journal article on the state of the West African rainforest (WARF), its role in atmospheric moisture transport to the Nile Basin, and the potential impact of its deforestation on the Nile Basin's water regime, as well as options for improving transboundary water governance.
Forest and water on a changing planet: Vulnerability, adaptation and governance opportunities
July 2018
Type: Othe publication
Report that presents comprehensive scientific syntheses on the interactions between forests and water on the global level. It presents the results of the sixth global scientific assessment undertaken in the framework of Global Forest Expert Panels and provides a structured synthesis on the state of the knowledge on the forest-water relationship.
Forest loss and Borneo’s climate
March 2018
Type: Othe publication
Journal article on the impact of loss of forest in Borneo on local daily temperatures precipitation.
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