Forest and Water Programme

Module 2

Breakthroughs in Tropical landuse change impacts
September 2014
Type: Othe publication
Video lecture with Dr. Sampurno Bruijnzeel on the hydrological impacts of deforestation and reforestation in the tropics contrasting traditional and scientific views.
Type: Othe publication
Summary paper on the key aspects of the scientific consensus that are particularly relevant for community forestry. It points the way to relevant literature on the relationships between forests and water in both temperate and tropical regions.
Afforestation, restoration and regeneration ― Not all trees are created equal
November 2013
Type: Othe publication
Study that synthesizes current research on the responses of forested stands to undulations in climate. It highlights the need to use historical accounts of previous species composition, information regarding site seasonality, species competition, and individual responses to drought and shade to develop better management practices and improve modelling experiments.
Origin and fate of atmospheric moisture over continents
September 2010
Type: Othe publication
Journal article on the important role of global wind patterns, topography and land cover in continental moisture recycling patterns and the distribution of global water resources.
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