El Mecanismo para la Restauración de Bosques y Paisajes

A series of meetings of the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism


The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism (FLRM) will organize a series of events in Rome, Italy at FAO headquarters from 10 to 14 July 2017.

The first meeting will be the technical expert workshop on “Monitoring Forest and Landscape Restoration: Progress and Way Forward in the Implementation of the Collaborative Roadmap” from 10 to 11 July 2017.

The objectives of the workshop are:

  • taking stock of progress made in implementing the roadmap with the key partners involved in this collaborative global effort on forest landscape restoration (FLR) monitoring issues; and
  • a joint agreement on the next steps to move forward with five activity streams.

This workshop is a follow-up to the "Monitoring Week” organized in 2016 in Rome. The main outcome will be the collaborative roadmap for FLR monitoring endorsed by several key members f the Global Partnership on Forest and Landscape Restoration. This collaborative roadmap will encourage and support countries and country actors, and other relevant partners, in monitoring FLR at all levels.

The workshop will be followed by the annual FLRM Advisory Group meeting on 12 July 2017. The Advisory Group of the FLRM meets each year to provide guidance to FAO for the work carried out by the FLRM.

The meeting provides an opportunity to involve colleagues from FAO’s regional offices and representatives of the selected countries currently receiving FLRM support in discussions concerning the implementation of the FLRM work plans at country level in Cambodia, Guatemala, Lebanon, Peru, the Philippines, Rwanda and Uganda.

It also presents an opportunity to discuss with partners the global/regional key achievements and progress made with the significant support of the FLRM team, particularly in terms of resource mobilization and discussions on recently submitted project proposals.

The last meeting will be “Financing mechanisms for local investment in forest and landscape restoration: a guide for deploying financial resources for FLR” to be held from 13 to 14 July 2017.

FAO and EcoAgriculture partners have embarked on a study to better understand the financial mechanisms supporting effective FLR at the local level. This study includes identifying different financing mechanisms, developing case studies for each mechanism to showcase successful options and analysis of how they can best work with and support each other.

The objective of the workshop is to review the study, invite partners to contribute to the peer review process and discuss its potential use to support FLR (e.g. training modules and e-learning courses, field cases and other resources to ensure widespread awareness and use of the concepts and lessons learned). This document is addressed to investors (private, public and civic) as a framework for guiding discussions and thinking about how financing for FLR can be most effectively targeted at the landscape level.

For more information please contact the FLRM team at: [email protected].