El Mecanismo para la Restauración de Bosques y Paisajes

Forest and Landscape Investment Forum (FLIF) - Unleashing business opportunities for sustainable landscapes


The Forest and Landscape Investment Forum (FLIF) was organized on 16 - 17 May 2017 in Kigali, Rwanda by the Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism of FAO in partnership with the Ministry of Natural Resources of Rwanda, the Rwanda Development Board, the National Agricultural Export Development Board and Rwanda’s Green Fund. This event brought together project developers and business champions from ten African countries and investors from all over the world in a marketplace for effective forest and landscape investment opportunities.

Stimulating lively debate on business opportunities and challenges in agroforestry and forestry, the FLIF offered a unique platform for exploring the potential of finance to enhance livelihoods, protect the environment and ensure food security benefits. Over the two days, a wide-range of debates and discussion forums took place.  Moreover, a booth exhibition and targeted side-events helped facilitating further dynamic interactions between participants.