El Mecanismo para la Restauración de Bosques y Paisajes

Unasylva issue 245 on Forest and landscape restoration

Year published: 01/07/2015

In order to succeed, restoration initiatives need to engage a range of stakeholders, from policy-makers to local communities and from governments to the private sector. This is one of the main threads running through the articles in issue 245 of Unasylva, FAO’s forestry journal, released on 5 December on the theme of Forest and landscape restoration (FLR). Bringing together case studies from different continents and biomes, the issue maps out progress made in FLR and the challenges that lie ahead, covering approaches that range from “close-to-nature” planted forests in China to Africa’s Great Green Wall for the Sahara and the Sahel Initiative. Published to coincide with the Paris Climate Change Conference (UNFCCC COP) and the Global Landscapes Forum 2015, Unasylva 245 demonstrates the relevance of FLR’s holistic approach, which takes into account human well-being and the ongoing interactions between people and the landscape.