The Forest and Landscape Restoration Mechanism

New Call: Apply by 31 May 2024 to be recognized as a United Nations World Restoration Flagship

Year published: 05/05/2024

The United Nations World Restoration Flagships are the most ambitious, promising or successful examples of large-scale ecosystem restoration, recognized in the context of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration (hereafter “UN Decade”). They already have a tangible and visible impact on the ground. The initiatives can come from all ecosystems and any geographic area and offer an opportunity for projects and countries to be globally recognized and celebrated for their restoration success stories. The main role of United Nations World Restoration Flagships is to provide inspiration to other countries and regions for scaling up restoration efforts, and to attract global attention and investments. Selected United Nations World Restoration Flagships will provide a basis for joint learning around the world.  

At least ten new flagships will be selected and announced in 2025. All official flagships of the UN Decade will be featured prominently in the UN Decade’s publications, campaigns, outreach, advocacy and educational efforts, and will be listed in the UN Secretary General’s report to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) at its eighty-first session. Winning initiatives will also receive technical and financial support of up to USD 500 000 per selected initiative. (Note that both developing and developed countries are encouraged to apply, but only flagships based in developing countries will be eligible for financial aid). 

Nominated initiatives will be reviewed and selected on a rolling basis, through a transparent and inclusive process led by the UN Decade Task Force on Best Practices, in close collaboration with other task forces and the Advisory Board. Nominated initiatives will be assessed against the following criteria: 

  • Clearly identifiable geographically. 
  • Initial restoration success: compliance with the ten principles for ecosystem restoration to demonstrate that part of the nominated area is already under effective, measurable and well-documented restoration.  
  • Potential for upscaling. 
  • Potential for learning and replicability. 
  • Additional likelihood of success. 

Apply before 31 May 2024 to join the #GenerationRestoration! Click here to learn how to nominate United Nations World Restoration Flagships. 

Andrea Romero Montoya (FAO)