FAO and Germany

The foundation of FAO’s longstanding partnership with Germany rests on a shared vision to end world hunger and ensure a sustainable, healthy planet for future generations. Germany’s contribution to FAO supports a wide range of programmes – spanning normative work, development cooperation, emergency response and resilience building – making it vital in FAO’s drive to achieve results towards its strategic priorities. Read more ...

Strengthening pastoralist development

The Pastoralist Knowledge Hub has supported 8 regional pastoralist organizations and represented pastoralists’ voices across the globe in more than 25 decision-making processes.

Scaling up climate-smart agriculture

In South Asia, 1 130+ farmers and service providers received training on climate-smart crop production practices, while total irrigation requirements for rice cultivation was reduced by 20% per season.

Tackling climate change through agriculture

With support from Germany, FAO facilitated the participation of 25+ countries and 6 farmers in the workshop on nutrient use and manure management at COP25, while providing technical support to the implementation of the Koronivia Joint Work on Agriculture.


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