Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

Madagascar training GSARS

Global Strategy launches SPARS process in Madagascar


As part of the implementation of the second phase, the Global Strategy developed its first Strategic Plan on Agricultural and Rural Statistics (SPARS) workshop. The event was held in Antananarivo, Madagascar on September 30th.
This meeting, opened by the Minister of Agriculture and Livestock in presence of the Secretary-General and in collaboration with the other line ministries of the agricultural and rural sector and the National Institute of Statistics (INSTAT), made it possible to present and validate the roadmap that should guide the process of developing the SPARS in Madagascar.

The workshop marks an important milestone in the Government's drive to give pride of place to the development of the national statistical system in general and the subsystem of agricultural statistics in particular.
FAO looks forward to supporting this initiative, which will improve the production and dissemination of agricultural statistics in order to close the gaps and meet the growing needs for quality and timely data, both for the designing, monitoring, and evaluation of national and sectoral policies and strategies,  and meeting the international agendas, ie SDG and CAADP.

Following this launch, training on the ADAPT (a platform developed by PARIS21 to help countries better plan and evaluate their statistical programs) tool was organized by PARIS21 and FAO for the benefit of the NSDS development team and the teams of the Ministries of the agricultural and rural sector who will oversee the development of the SPARS. 

This training, which lasted 3 days was focused on the presentation of the ADAPT platform followed by practical handling sessions consisting of populating the platform with the country’s real data.