Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

National workshop on MSF and hand-on training in Tanzania


Under the framework of the Global Strategy to improve Agriculture and Rural Statistics (GSARS) a national workshop on training on Master Sampling Frame (MSF) was held in Dodoma, from the 6th to the 10th of March 2023.

This workshop covered two important activities of the MSF package: discussions on the type and structures of the MSF for the country and hands-on training on the development and use of an area frame using FAO's System for Earth Observation Data Access, Processing and Analysis for Land Monitoring (SEPAL).

Discussions were conducted regarding the type of structure of the MSF for Tanzania and an agreement was reached among the national institutions involved in the production of agricultural statistics. The ultimate objective was to agree on a frame that would be suitable for various agricultural surveys existing and/or planned in the country.

The field practice was performed with a CSPRO CAPI application on tablets.

The active participation of trainees (10 national officers including two women) was one of the positive aspects. During the field test, GIS data have been collected on a dozen of plots. The workshop evaluation at the end showed good satisfaction from the trainee. Most of them found the training useful for their current work.