Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

The Global Strategy focuses on CAADP indicators in Ghana workshop


A training on CAADP indicators was held in Ghana from August 29th to September 3rd, 2022 in the framework of Phase II of the Global Strategy .

The main objective of the CAADP training package  is to  assist countries in the production of selected CAADP  indicators,  in  systematic  partnership  with  regional  support  systems  (ReSAKSS),  national CAADP focal points and teams bringing together ministries of agriculture and line ministries.

Twenty-six participants from various ministries, including several CAADP focal points, attended the workshop. They shared their experience with Malabo/CAADP indicators computation issues during the elaboration of the last Malabo biennial report.

The event focused on the analysis of the existing data sources for each of the selected CAADP indicators, gap identification and discussion on the possible use of proxies. Another important topic discussed was on the new variables to be included in the questionnaire of agricultural survey to fill the identified gaps.

The participants agreed on the importance to continue the discussion on the ways to close some of the important  identified gaps by analysing all existing databases.

This approach is a crucial preparatory phase for the next training aiming at computing selected CAADP indicators with country data or proxies.