Global Strategy to Improve Agricultural and Rural Statistics

Cote d'ivoire

Capacity development training on data processing and analysis with STATA  in Côte d'Ivoire


The first training in programming and data processing using STATA in the frame of the Phase II of the Global Strategy was held in Ivory Coast from August 22nd to 26th of 2022 in the premises of ENSEA.

This training was part of the capacity building of actors in agricultural statistics in the production of quality agricultural statistics and aims to initiate programming and data processing and analysis of survey data using STATA.

The training provided a solid foundation for the main functions of STATA useful for proper data processing and presentation of statistical data. It was also an excellent opportunity for a short refresh exchange in statistical theory needed in data processing and analysis.

Beyond the statistical skills acquired in terms of processing, the training provided a wide range of rudiments relating to the quality approach that should enable them to apply different methods of editing and imputing data.

Participants were reminded to be vectors for the popularization of methods and good practices acquired during this workshop in order to allow all actors in the chain of production of agricultural and rural statistics to achieve the required skills for data processing and analysis.