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Shirlene Maria Anthonysamy is the Director of INFOFISH and serves as a Senior Trade Promotion Officer within the Trade Promotion Division. Within her role, she monitors and carries out work related to international fishery trade, produces a bimonthly trade newsletter and compiles INFOFISH Trade News. Anthonysamy writes the Tilapia and Pangasius report for GLOBEFISH Highlights (GH). She is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 

Fatima Ferdouse is currently a freelance consultant working in international fishery trade and marketing. During her 33-year career with both INFOFISH and FAO, she worked closely with fishery industries and policy makers in the Asia-Pacific region and beyond. Ferdouse writes the Tuna and Shrimp report for GH and contributes to these statistics. She is based in Bangladesh and Malaysia. 

H Roy Gordon is President of Fishtech Inc., an abalone consulting firm. He developed the first land-based salmon farm in the Americas and soon afterwards, an abalone farm in Bodega Bay, California. Through Fishtech, he has consulted on numerous projects related to abalone feasibility, construction, operation, assessment, disease prevention and marketing from over 15 countries. He serves as the advisor to several governmental bodies and has worked with the WWF in their establishment of global abalone sustainability standards. Gordon writes the abalone report for GH. He is based in Sausalito, California.

Erik Hempel has a strong history with Globefish having served as the Project Manager of three FIN network offices, including INFOFISH (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia), INFOPÊCHE (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire) and INFOSA (Windhoek, Namibia). With broad experience in fisheries and aquaculture development, markets and trade, Hempel has also served as an advisor to governments worldwide. For GH, Hempel writes the Cephalopods, Crab, Groundfish, Lobster and Small Pelagics reports. He is based in Oslo, Norway.

Kristin Lien is a trained economist and has been working as a market analyst for the Norwegian Seafood Council since 2000. Her working areas have focused on herring markets in Eastern Europe and mackerel markets, particularly in Japan. Lien is involved with the construction of the FAO Fish Price Index featured in the Global Outlook section of the GH. She is based in Tromsø, Norway. 

Rodrigo Misa is an advisor to the General Directorate of INFOPESCA in Communication and Institutional Relations. He has a Master in Communication Management, and his expertise in the field of communication allows him to take a unique approach to fisheries and aquaculture.

Mr Misa collaborates with the edition of INFOPESCA International Magazine and conducts translations. For GLOBEFISH, Misa contributes news on the North and South America market for the Salmon, Shrimp and Tilapia report in the flagship GLOBEFISH Highlights. He is based in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Marie Christine Monfort is a senior expert specializing in all issues regarding seafood marketing. During her 20-year career, she has worked for both private and public clients addressing a wide range of marketing issues for a variety of species. In recent years, she has worked to highlight the role of women in the seafood industry and wrote a GLOBEFISH Research Programme (GRP) publication on this topic. Monfort writes the bivalves report in GH. She is based in Paris, France.

Ferit Rad (PhD, Aquaculture) is a Professor and Head of the Department of Aquaculture at the University of Mersin. His work focuses on aquaculture planning, policy development, farm management and markets for aquaculture products, particularly seabass, seabream and rainbow trout. Since 2006, he has been acting as the Coordinator of the Working Group on Marketing of Aquaculture Products within the FAO-General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean. Rad contributes news on Turkish production for the seabass and seabream report for GH. He is based in Mersin, Turkey.

Ekaterina Tribilustova is a Marketing Specialist for the Eurofish International Organisation. Her main work includes detailed economic and marketing studies, evaluation of market potential for fishery and fish product exports, contributing to national strategy plans and training stakeholders. Tribilustova contributes news on the Russian market to the seabass, bream and salmon report in GH. She is based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Sigbjørn L. Tveteraas (PhD, Economics) is a Professor in Economics at the University of Stavanger. His main research interest is on how prices and demand in global seafood markets are developing with the changes in how we produce, trade and market fish. Tveteraas is involved with the construction of the FAO fish price index featured in the Global Outlook Section of the GH. He is based in Stavanger, Norway.

FAO contributors

Audun Lem (Phd, Economics) is Deputy Director of the Policy and Resources Division in the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department at FAO. He is particularly involved with value-chain analysis, capacity development, and policy issues related to international trade and market access, as well food security. Lem was the previous coordinator of GLOBEFISH from 2010-2015. Currently, he is Secretary of FAO's Subcommittee for Fish Trade, the principal forum among governments for discussion of relevant fish trade matters. View Lem’s response here about the importance of the FAO Code of Conduct and challenges to fully attain its objectives over the next 20 years.

Tipparat Pongthanapanich (PhD) is an Aquaculture Officer at FAO. Before FAO, she worked as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Agriculture and Resource Economics at Kasetsart University in Bangkok, Thailand. With 18 years of experience in research and teaching related to agricultural, aquaculture and resource economics, her current areas of work and interest are aquaculture insurance, risk and climate change, the aquaculture value chain and social innovation. Pongthanapanich co-wrote the piece “Insuring small-scale farms adds resilience to the aquaculture value chain ” in the January 2017 GH. She is based in Rome, Italy.

Nianjun Shen is a Fishery Officer within the Trade, Products and Marketing Branch of FAO and serves as Coordinator for the entire GLOBEFISH unit.  His expertise includes fish market information, international fish trade policies, market access issues and fishery project management. Shen writes the fishmeal and fish oil report. He is based in Rome, Italy.

Victoria Chomo (PhD) is a Senior Fishery Officer in the Products, Trade and Marketing Branch of the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department (FAO). She is a trade economist specializing in commodity value chains, trade agreements, international standards and import regulations. Her current work focuses on market-based measures to promote sustainable trade and utilization of fish and fishery products, namely: voluntary certification schemes (eco-labels), traceability systems to combat IUU fishing, and building resilience in fisheries and aquaculture value chains to the impacts of climate change on resource-dependent communities. Chomo co-wrote the piece “Towards sustainable fisheries in the face of climatic change” in the July 2016 GH.

Helga Josupeit is a retired Senior Fishery Policy Officer of FAO. She is the author of several books on international fish trade, and has presented at many international fish commodity conferences around the world. The previous focal point for GLOBEFISH, she now writes and prepare statistics for the European Fish Price Report.

Cassandra De Young is an environmental and natural resource economist at FAO, with a particular interest in promoting discussions on the social and economic contributions of the aquatic systems as part of integrated management efforts. Most of De Young's 13-year tenure at FAO has related to the development of fisheries management plans and strategies and supporting the ecosystem approach to fisheries. Understanding human choices and drivers of change, the benefits derived from the sector as well as the sector’s impacts on the aquatic systems have always been central to her work. She currently chairs the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Department’s Climate Change Working Group. De Young co-wrote the piece “Towards sustainable fisheries in the face of climatic change” in the July 2016 GH.

Felix Dent is an economist and seafood market analyst who has been working with the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of FAO since 2012.  Originally from Ireland, he accumulated many years of experience in his family fishing business. Dent writes the Salmon as well as the Seabass and Seabream report. He is based in Toronto, Canada.

Special topic contributors

Kim Anh Thi Nguyen (PhD) is an Associate Professor and   Superior Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics at Nha Trang University in Viet Nam. Her major research areas in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture include economics and management, trade, poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihoods, and climate change. Nguyen also serves as the Coordinator of the International Project on Incorporating Climate Change into Ecosystem Approaches to Fisheries and Aquaculture Management in Sri Lanka and Viet Nam. Nguyen co-wrote the piece “Insuring small-scale farms adds resilience to the aquaculture value chain ” in the January 2017 GH.

Yuan Xinhua (PhD) is a Professor and the Deputy Director of Freshwater Fisheries Research Center of the Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences as well as the Vice Dean of Wuxi Fisheries College of Nanjing Agricultural University in China.  His major research areas in the fields of fisheries and aquaculture include economics, governance, rural development and sustainable aquaculture. He is the Coordinator of the FAO Reference Center for Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries research and training and is an expert in Tilapia aquaculture development in Malawi. Xinhua co-wrote the piece “Insuring small-scale farms adds resilience to the aquaculture value chain ” in the January 2017 GH.

Bent Dreyer is Director of Research at the Department for Industrial Economics in the Norwegian Institute of Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (Nofima). He holds a PhD from the University of Tromsø in Strategic Management. For more than 30 years, he has studied the seafood industry – how the industry is organized and how different companies perform. He is based in Tromsø, Norway.

Øystein Hermansen is a scientist in the Department for Industrial Economics in the Norwegian Institute for Food, Fisheries and Aquaculture Research (Nofima). His work relates to the economics and management of capture fisheries and aquaculture, with a particular emphasis on where these meet in capture-based aquaculture. He is also concerned with studying the effects of various management schemes implemented by the authorities in the Norwegian seafood sector. He is based in Tromsø, Norway.

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