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2020 Import notifications: Chemical causes

Chemical causes Cases
Residues of veterinary drugs 49
Nitrofuran 15
Chloramphenicol 5
Pesticide 3
Total 72

The main chemical problems recorded were residues of veterinary drugs, with 49 cases, mostly found in shrimp and tilapia. It is important to highlight that notifications due to the presence of residues of veterinary drugs decreased from 81 cases in 2019 to 49 in 2020.

This was followed by nitrofurans with 15 cases, of which 14 were found in shrimp. There was a decrease of this cause from 55 cases in 2019 to 15 in 2020. The third chemical issue was the presence of chloramphenicol with five cases, mainly recorded in shrimp, followed by pesticides with three cases, mostly in shrimp. Although nitrofurans and chloramphenicol are residues of veterinary drugs, they are identified as a separate cause by FDA in this category. 

Source: FDA



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