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Cases of violation

At the following link, we can find all all Import Refusals classified:
- by country or area;
- by product.

Detentions can be filtered by month and by year.

By choosing the product, the month and the year and then clicking on “Fishery/Seafood products”, we can see the list of rejections of fishery products for that month.

The Import Refusal Report (IRR) provides a variety of information for refused products, such as: 

- manufacturer FEI;
- manufacturer name;
- manufacturer address line 1;
- manufacturer address line 2;
- manufacturer's city;
- manufacturer province/state;
- manufacturer country/area;
- product code;
- FDA product description;
- refusal date;
- FDA district;
- entry/doc/line/sfx;
- FDA sample analysis;
- FDA record of private lab sample analysis;
- violation code;
- section; and
- charge statement.

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