Global octopus landings appear to be on an increasing trend


Global octopus landings appear to be on an increasing trend right now. In 2015, landings increased by 6.7 percent compared with 2014. Increases were registered in the major suppliers (Morocco, Mauritania and Mexico), while landings in Spain, Portugal and the Republic of Korea declined.

According to the Marine Affairs of Galicia, the value of octopus landings in Galicia, Spain for the first half of the year exceeded €2.6 million, which is the highest level recorded since 2010. Even with significantly more product on the local market, prices have remained stable.

In 2015, Japan experienced a significant increase in imports of octopus. Indeed, during the first half of 2015, imports increased by 38.5 percent. However, during the first half of 2016, imports fell back by 15 percent, to 24 500 tonnes. Both of the main suppliers, Morocco and Mauritania, shipped less octopus to Japan during this period, while China increased shipments by almost 23 percent.

While Morocco reduced octopus shipments to Japan, it increased exports to another main market: Spain. Spanish octopus imports from Morocco went up by almost 17 percent, while imports from the second largest supplier to Spain, Mauritania, went down by 12.5 percent. Total Spanish imports of octopus remained stable at 27 200 tonnes during the first half of 2016.

Octopus prices will probably remain more stable, as the supply situation has improved, with some slight increases in global landings. 


The report analyses the octopus market situation over the period January-October 2016


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