The 13th China International Shrimp Industry Development Forum

04/04/2024 - 04/04/2024


The 13th China International Shrimp Industry Development Forum is scheduled to take place in Guangzhou, China on 19–21 June 2024. The event is jointly organized by China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA); the China-ASEAN Center for Joint Research and Promotion of Marine Aquaculture Technology; and the China Modern Shrimp-industry Technology Research System.

Since 2009, the Forum has been organized by CAPPMA to provide a global platform for information exchange as well as networking and cooperation at all levels of the industry.  The key issues to be discussed at the upcoming event will include shrimp seed, aquaculture, feed, trade, consumption, sustainable development and other issues; as well as evolving developments and new directions in the industry. In particular, the Forum will emphasize the importance of sustainable development, driven by the joint efforts of all stakeholders.

Date and venue

Guangzhou, China; 19–21 June 2024

Main topics of discussion

  • New developments in the global shrimp industry
  • Global shrimp production and trade
  • Feed optimization and improvement
  • Diseases and biosecurity
  • Internet-based precision agriculture


Chinese and English

Contact details

For more information on the 13th China International Shrimp Industry Development Forum, please e-mail: Hongpan Dong, CAPPMA ([email protected])

Concurrent Activity: The Global Seafood Trade Fair, 2022 June, 2024


For more information on this event, please e-mail: Yaling Sun, CAPPMA ([email protected])

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