GLOBEFISH joins forces with Shanghai Ocean University to promote world fish trade


International trade is an important element associated with fish production - shifting economic activities from a local environment to the mainstream global markets is a crucial activity for many economic actors and countries. Global fish production is estimated to have increased by 2.1 percent to a total of 178.8 million tonnes in 2018. In recent years, China is a country where international trade has played a significant role in fish and fish products. Moreover, since 2002, China has been the world’s largest exporter of fish and fishery products.

GLOBEFISH was established by the FAO World Fisheries Conference, which took place at FAO headquarters in Rome from 27 June to 6 July 1984. The Conference was attended by 62 ministers responsible for fisheries, by delegates from 147 countries, by 14 representatives of the United Nations, by observers from 24 intergovernmental organizations and 29 international Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs). The Conference set a strategy emphasizing the better use and management of the world's fishery resources, by stressing the importance of international cooperation and fundamental institutional change to reach this goal.

Since its establishment, GLOBEFISH has been heavily involved in facilitating international coordination and management in the area of post-harvest issues on fisheries and aquaculture and sharing knowledge on international fish trade and markets. The accurate and unbiased information provided by GLOBEFISH facilitate market access and tries to reduce the information gap, particularly for developing countries and countries in transition.

GLOBEFISH is also an integral part of the international FISH INFO Network (FIN). The FIN consists of seven independent intergovernmental and governmental organizations covering all regions around in the world, plus FAO GLOBEFISH, situated at the Fisheries and Aquaculture Department of FAO.

Shanghai Ocean University (SHOU), founded in 1912 and formerly named Shanghai Fisheries University, features teaching and scientific research in the areas of fisheries and aquaculture. Since 2016, the school has been successfully collaborating with FAO GLOBEFISH on joint research and publications, as well as fostering information sharing and knowledge exchange by promoting visits of expert and student internship programs.

GLOBEFISH and the World Trade Organization (WTO) conducted a three-day training workshop (13-16 May 2019) by invitation of Shanghai University, focusing on trade aspects of fish and fishery products. The workshop was part of SHOU’s Marine Fisheries International Program – a training course aiming to connect leading fishery and aquaculture professionals from around the world. This year, 19 participants from 13 countries took part in the program.

In addition to the three-day workshop, Mr. Marcio Castro De Souza (GLOBEFISH Coordinator and FAO Senior Fishery Officer) and Mr. Weiwei Wang (FAO Fishery Officer) had a meeting with the president of Shanghai Ocean University to explore ways to enhance their existing cooperation. SHOU has been working closely with FAO to promote talent development in the fields of global fisheries, processing, aquatic products, economy, and trade.

FAO collaboration with SHOU and other organizations is a key element to promote world fisheries and trade!

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