Fish industry recognizing ornamental fish trade at the 2nd International Ornamental Fish Trade and Technical Conference


Now in its second year, the Conference will be held in Sri Lanka, currently the sixth largest supplier of ornamental fish to the global market.

The International Ornamental Fish Trade and Technical Conference will take place from 8–10 February 2017 in Colombo, Sri Lanka and will be comprised of a two-day conference and a one-day field trip to ornamental fish farms in the country. The three-day event is organized by INFOFISH, a member of the FISHINFONetwork and the leading source of marketing support for fish producers and exporters in the Asia-Pacific region.

The conference agenda will address a variety of topics pertinent to the global ornamental fish industry, including ways to increase production through capture and culture fisheries; introduction and breeding of exotic species; health management and biosecurity measures; latest developments in packaging and transportation as well as shifts in international trade patterns. The conference will be an opportunity for international experts to gather, exchange expertise and network to discuss challenges and further developments in the sector.

About ornamental fish trade

Though the ornamental fish market's contribution to world trade in terms of value is small overall, the sector plays a relevant role in terms of poverty alleviation in developing countries and marine preservation. Coastal and riverine communities are able to utilize ornamental fish, which can be a sustainable and renewable resource, as a source of income.

The value of ornamental fish trade has grown significantly over the past decades. Between 2000 and 2011, global exports of ornamental fish increased from US$181 million to US$372 million. Total trade in live marine ornamentals is estimated at around US$44 million annually. Most of the market supplies originate from Asia, with Singapore dominating as the top exporting country in the world. In 2013, Singapore exported around US$56 million worth of ornamental fish to over 80 countries.

Related publication

Title: The ornamental fish trade

Series: GLOBEFISH Research Programme, Vol. 102. Rome, FAO 2010

Author: Pierluigi Monticini

Abstract: The ornamental fish sector is a small but vital part of international fish trade. It contributes positively to rural development in many developing producing countries, and in the major markets for ornamental fish, the retail value is many times that of its trade value with a positive impact throughout the value-chain. The sector presents numerous challenges to operators, ranging from issues related to animal welfare and health to the protection of endangered species. Demand is linked to the health of the overall economy, adding to the cyclical nature of the industry. This GLOBEFISH report presents an overview of production, trade and markets for ornamental fish species. It provides extensive information on import regulations and requirements in major world markets.

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