GLOBEFISH Insight - Issue 1 - Market Opportunities for Maldives Tuna


It is our pleasure to announce the first edition of GLOBEFISH Insight. This series will cover topical issues within the remit of trade and markets.

The first edition “Market Opportunities for Maldives Tuna” builds on a final report produced to a World Bank project supporting sustainable fisheries in the Maldives, which required in-depth analysis to support the export and processing subsectors. It has been well received, and the World Bank encouraged that the final report be widely distributed.

Market Opportunities for Maldives Tuna provides a comprehensive analysis of production and trade, delving into the unique world of artisanal fisheries that have been an integral part of Maldivian society for centuries. Trends in price, volume and processing across main export commodities are all covered, with analysis of import profiles for established markets and identification of potential markets and new products. Trade policies and regulations of major tuna importers are also addressed, with a focus on preferential access and tariffs, followed by the potential impact of the pandemic on tuna fisheries in the Maldives.

The next edition of the GLOBEFISH Insight will address the non-tariff measures faced by Indian exports of fisheries and aquaculture products in major international markets, also developed based on a final report for another World Bank project.

Market Opportunities for Maldives Tuna is available on ISSUU.

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