Introducing the GLOBEFISH Price Dashboard


DOWNLOAD the GLOBEFISH Price Dashboard Quick Start Guide

The GLOBEFISH team is pleased to announce a new information product available on our website: the GLOBEFISH Price Dashboard.

The GLOBEFISH Price Dashboard takes the prices GLOBEFISH monitors for fisheries and aquaculture products in Europe and presents this information in a powerful and user-friendly interface. It provides a dynamic tool in facing the challenges of monitoring real-time data and making information accessible to end-users.

In the GLOBEFISH Price Dashboard, prices are automatically drawn from various sources along the value chain into a central database and updated once a week.

The operational features of the GLOBEFISH Price Dashboards support the dissemination of the most up to date prices available. The interface of the GLOBEFISH Price Dashboard allows users to browse prices and analyze trends, as well as search or filter prices according to species, scientific name, species grouping, product presentation or treatment, among other elements.

The GLOBEFISH Price Dashboard can effortlessly become a point of reference for fish prices in the global community.

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